Business Hours : Mon-Sat : 09.30 A.M. to 06.30 P.M.

Sales Manager


Job Description

Sales managers lead a sales team by providing guidance, training and mentorship, setting sales quotas and goals, creating sales plans, analyzing data, assigning sales territories and building their team      

Candidature Requirements

  1. Age :- 30+ Years
  2. Language :- Should be well versed in local languages of Kannada/English/Tamil/Telugu/Hindi
  3. Education : – Minimum SSLC or PUC / bachelor’s degree
  4. Experience: -At least 10-15 Years in Direct Marketing & Sales or 5-10 Years’ experience in Sales Management.
  5. Valid Driving License :- 2 / 4 Wheeler



Proven leadership and organizational skills, advanced computer skills and extensive experience in sales, market requirements, customer support and advertising techniques. He/she must also be able to drive sales teams and work in stressful environments.

Specific Work Elements 


Developing strategic business and sales plans, ensuring company goals are met; initiating and coordinating development of action plans to enter new markets; assisting in implementing marketing plans; reviewing performances of account executives and helping them improve sales; maintaining records of sales and pricings; creating and presenting proposals; recruiting account executives and controlling expenses to meet budget guidelines, among others.

Daily Activities & Tasks 


  • Review the sales pipeline
  • Look for areas where they can jump in & help individual representatives
  • Observe the team in action
  • Coach sales representatives
  • Meet with marketing counterpart
  • Track progress against goals
  • Forecast sales – has it changed recently?
  • Learn something new
  • Take a step back and take a deep breath



  • Agency manager every day meeting 7 prospective agents for enrolment & finalizing 1 to 2 agents with application form signed with KYC.
  • First week 9 agents to be enrolled.
  • First month 36 agents to be enrolled with 24 Customers.
  • To complete 100 Agents with 72 customers in the first 3 months / quarter.
  • To enroll 12 customers every week from 100+ agents from 4th
  • To enroll 50 customers every month from the 4th month / 2nd
  • To add 1 agent per week & 4 agents per month from the 4th month consistently.
  • To enroll 18 customers every week from 100+ agents from 7th
  • To enroll 75 customers from 100+ agents every month from 7th
  • To enroll 25 customers every week from 100+ agents from 10th
  • To enroll 100 customers from 100+ agents every month from 10th
  • To enroll 750 customers from 100+ agents by the end of 365th
  • To appoint one agent from one sub area / locality.
Job Location: Banglore

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