Business Hours : Mon-Sat : 09.30 A.M. to 06.30 P.M.

Zonal Sales Manager


Job Description

Primary Role will be responsible for driving continuous improvement in all aspects of Sales, Specifications & Field Marketing in the assigned Zone to achieve the business objectives. This would include sales process improvement and infrastructure management.

Responsibilities – Sales Objectives


  • Drive identified Initiatives in the Zone to achieve the overall sales objectives
  • Identify & effectively implement Major and Key initiatives at zonal level in the areas of Market Development, Distribution expansion & Sales Operation
  • Identify the critical/burning issues of the Zone affecting sales & take remedial action/ escalate wherever needed
  • Continuously identify gaps in the regular working of BMs, Regional Specs Managers, Marketing Executives & sales support staff and remedy the situation without allowing it to damage the business.
  • Support the I&I business driven nationally from HO
  • Bring focus to the business of new Products (Roff, MEP Solutions, others)
  • Work closely with the Nina/Percept/Top Applicators to jointly secure business.
  • Identify and work with the Services Team to develop Authorized applicators in the Zone.
  • Be an expert on Systems, Processes, Policies and Business Module (SPPB)
  • Impart training to field managers and employees on SPPB during their induction
  • Regularly collect feedback on improvements required in SPPB
    Collaborate with HO to get the required improvements incorporated in the SPPB

People Management


  • Ensure timely recruitment and retention of right quality people.
  • Achieve clarity on role & responsibilities of all field managers and employees by regular interaction with HO and field employees.
  • Impart training on roles & responsibilities of all field employees to ensure clarity in the minds of the respective employees.
  • Implement the performance and potential management system including career planning & development of key employees.
  • Continuously audit the market work done by all field employees; assess and give guidance to improve market working.
  • Identify poorly performing field employees and take suitable remedial actions.

Market Connect


  • Engage with the Top Customers & Consultants in the Zone
  • Carry out intensive field visits and interact with employees, dealers and end users.
  • Collect feedback on all aspects of the business including product quality, pricing, packing, new product ideas, supply situations, competition activities, schemes, etc.
  • Capture the feedback in a manner which is visible to HO and then act on the feedback in consultation with key people to get things done.
  • Identify success stories and replicate in other parts of the zone. Also share with HO for replication in other parts of India.
  • Inventory, Receivables & Commercial Policies Management.
  • Regularly monitor inventory pile up in slow & non-moving SKUs, take remedial actions
  • Drive collection of receivables in case of exceptions.
  • Ensure proper implementation of Commercial policies
  • User / Influencer / Dealer Management.
  • Drive key dealer programs.
  • Periodically engage with end-user/influencer panels for seeking feedback & suggestions.
  • Demand Generation.
  • Give inputs to HO on.
  • Important objectives to be achieved through market development activities
  • Design of market development activities.
  • Make Annual and Quarterly plan for market development activities in alignment with zonal marketing communication executive & HO.
  • Periodically attend market development activities/meets and give guidance to the marketing execs. for improving effectiveness and give feedback to HO on any support required such as application videos.
  • Product/Scheme and Competition Fighting.

Take direct responsibility for 


  • Scheme design (in consultation with HO) and feedback on effectiveness of schemes
  • Development and implementation of competition fighting strategy in consultation with HO



1] Identify review process and reports which reflect the role and responsibilities of each employee
2] Ensure business reviews are conducted in the zone as per the laid down process
3] Ensure OAAP led quality review process (MRM)
4] Periodically participate in BM review process (MRM) and contribute to improvement in quality of the process

Support Role 

  • Co-ordinate with NSM for preparing annual budget and business plan for the zone
  • Co-ordinate with Marketing Manager in HO & Marketing Communication exec. in the zone for execution of field   marketing activities in regions

Other Points of Discussion 


  • Ensure the Specifications targets are achieved ensuring a healthy pipeline of projects

Duties And Responsibility Of Zonal Sales Manager


  • Strategize for the achievement of regional sales target through the zonal team by break down of annual targets to half yearly then quarterly and finally monthly.
  • Continuously monitoring the achievement of targets by keeping close check on monthly.
  • Target achievement by regional manager, area manger and their respective team.
  • Ensure satisfactory resolution of client queries and concerns in timely manner.
  • Communicate product schemes and offers to the regional managers and ensures their implementation.
  • Achieve inventory planning and control in such a manner that the stock are sufficient for immediate order fulfillment as well ensuring that the products to not exceed the expiry date or get technologically redundant or non competitive in the market.
  • Communicate proposed inventory level to the dgm or nsm for approval.
  • Coordinates with marketing for the organization of seminars, meets and conferences on zonal
  • Level for building a prospective client database.
  • Interacts with large customers for the product feedback.
  • Enhance productivity 
  • Ensure successful launch of new product
  • Programmer implementation
  • Coordination with NSM / HO deliver effective communication in co workers
  • Suggest for reduction in promotional activity expense
  • Ensures to maintenance of ” NORMS AND STANDARD OF COMPANY POLICIES”
  • Increase morale in his team during meeting and in batch wise sessions and  maintain discipline and decorum in his team
  • Planning and structuring the business and team
  • Increase the morale of people to take new responsibilities and develop new mangers in his team
  • Take approvals from Head office for the participation in state and national conferences.
  • Regular joint work with : medical representative ( front line manager) minimum 1 day / MR/ MONTH  and  maximum time area sales manager ( first line manager) or Regional sales manager  present during zonal sales manger working. even he can work with medical representative alone means without any other manager.
  • Validate feedback and data which is collected by regional sales manager from his team

Competencies & Qualities of a Zonal Sales Manager


  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Should have excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills
  • Planning and organizational skills.
  • Regularly joined field working and generate or suggest new ideas in his team.
  • always implement the strategy  at ground level by motivating, instructing and rise morale for the company sales and for achievement. so that the team can generate more prescription business from doctors.
  • he should be excellent trainer with real and authenticated examples and should have good repo in industry.
  • he is well known personality in industry and have excellent knowledge of medical science which is helpful for solving doctor query  and for solving queries in his team.
Job Location: Bangalore

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