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Working capital

Run your automation business smoothly by purchasing a chit scheme and creating an active channel of working capital.


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Cash flow

Create a cash reserve by investing in a chit fund scheme that perfectly reflects your financial goals.


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Cash flow

Let us support your business to grow with a steady inflow of cash whenever required.

Delayed payment

Forget waiting for your clients to clear your dues and create your own channel of capital by investing with us.

Working capital

Don’t let your business struggle due to inadequate working capital with NavaShakthi Chits fund schemes.

Market dues

Maintain your financial reputation by clearing dues in time with our strategic financial planning.


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Liquidity for expansion

Let us guide you through the hectic process of expanding your business with proper financial planning.


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Managing expenses

With our carefully crafted and personalized financial strategies manage your expenses and grow your profits.

Creating working capital

Back up your practiced business by purchasing our chit schemes and creating consistent working capital.