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Design the best financing scheme to subsidize your bar and restaurants or wine stores and meet all your business objectives.


Create the best goals for your business’s success and back them up with NavaShakthi Chits.

Working capital

Plan out the working capital that is required for the functioning of your bars and restaurants/wine stores with a little help from our chit plans.


Set a goal to expand your business to the next level and back it up with our chit plans made for situations like these.

Stock purchase

Always having that stock flowing in your restaurant can be a hard task, so to keep up with it we designed the best chit plans for you.

Renewal of license

Everybody knows that renewal of license for a liquor store can be expensive, and to cover that up we made chit plans keeping you in mind.


Spread your arms and accept every challenge with the confidence that says you have the backing of NavaShakthi Chit Funds.

Payment delay

Never entertain delay of payments and stay ahead of the line with a little help from our chit plans made only for you.

Cash flow

Having that steady cash flow in and out of your business can be harder than it looks and worry not because we got you covered with our chit plans.


Keeping that consistent liquid asset ready to go for your business is tough and we completely understand it. Thus, we came up with chit plans to support you in a situation like this.


Get into the vast scopes of chances that come in the way of your business and cover yourself to grab them with NavaShakthi Chits.

Liquidity for Expansion

Expanding is an everlasting process and to keep it that way we planned out chit funds that will suit you and your business well.


Put your savings to some better use and get great returns with NavaShakthi Chits.

Managing expenses

Manage all the expenses like a pro by investing in our well-thought chit plans made for you.

Create working capital

Create a working capital that works the best for you and your business’s functioning by investing in NavaShakthi Chits.