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Our carefully designed chit schemes and financial strategies can make your business scale heights by helping you achieve your business objectives.


Fulfill your business objectives using our carefully curated chit schemes & strategies.

Material purchase

We have got you covered with our chit scheme. Now, get rid of your worry about serving clients with poor quality materials due to lack of money.

Manage construction

When managing construction gets hectic, turn to our multiple chit schemes and choose what suits your business to be at the top of your industry.

Expand business

Our effective financial strategy and chit schemes won’t let you back out on the idea of expanding your business to a new place anymore.


Evade all your financial problems and make your business feasible by investing with NavaShakthi Chits.

Current project outstanding

Clear your dues and strengthen your brand value in the market by investing a little amount of money from your business profit every month.

Money for next project

Worried about how to start your next project without advance? With our support, kick-start your new project by investing in NavaShakthi Chits.


Strategize your finance with NavaShakthi Chits so you can do business with ease and beat your competitors in the market.


Make most of the possibilities available to your business with NavaShakthi Chits.


Execute your plans and have a backup for emergencies by investing a small amount of money into our chit fund scheme of your liking every month.

Expansion of your Business

Have you ideated your expansion plan but lack money to do so? Invest with NavaShakthi Chits and get the best returns to carry out your plan.

Create Working Capital

Generate better working capital to thrive your practiced business by investing in our chit funds scheme.