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Overcome funding challenges for your hotel or restaurant with NavaShakthi chits.


Design the best financing scheme to subsidize your hotels and restaurants and meet the following business objectives.

Open Multiple Branches

Get full access to all your funds and borrow them anytime when planning to open multiple branches for your hotel or restaurant.

Buy Plot/House

Our wide range of chit fund schemes has got all your desires covered - whether it's buying a plot of land or building your dream home.

Children Education

Safeguard your future by planning your child's education expenses and other family necessities with an appropriate investment plan.

Buy Jewellery

Want to buy jewellery to celebrate your achievements? We make sure you don't face problems enjoying these priceless moments because of the price.

Upgrade System

Borrow your capital at low-interest rates and update your business technology to increase the productivity of your hotel or restaurant.

Expand Business

Maximize your returns with an effective financial strategy and own a new market by expanding your business in the near future.


Meet your financial goals to bring down high capital costs and make your hotel or restaurant commercially viable with NavaShakthi Chits.


Get easy access to your funds and generate demand for your hotel or restaurant to stay ahead of your competitors.

Cash flow

Purchase your ideal chit fund scheme and create a cash reserve for your hotel or restaurant to ensure you've got a consistent cash flow.

Lack of finance

Save a small portion of your revenue every month and turn it into an important asset to cope with your hotel’s financial problems.

Delayed Payments

Create an alternate funding source for your hotel or restaurant and get rid of delayed payments by earning a healthy dividend.

Good Resource

Use your savings without any complications and offer maximum value to your customers by updating your products and services.

Welfare of Employees

Increase your profits and make your employees happy by rewarding them with bonuses, vehicles, and other perks.


Gain high returns on your deposits and save your hotel or restaurant from facing any business threats or going bankrupt.

Lump Sum

Tap into your emergency fund without any paperwork when your hotel or restaurant face any unexpected crisis.


Explore the wide range of possibilities your hotel or restaurant can benefit from NavaShakthi Chit Funds.

Liquidity for Expansion

Are you planning to expand your current hotel or restaurant? Make the most of your money and double your rate of returns with NavaShakthi chits.


Increase your business savings and put them to use when your restaurant's operational costs rise or revenues fall.

Increase your borrowing limit

Invest in NavaShakthi chits and borrow more than what you put in when your hotel or restaurant needs it.

Manage all expenses

With a flexible savings instrument, cover up your hotel expenses and other short-term obligations comfortably.

Expand future plan

Want to take your hotel or restaurant to the next level? You can act quickly by optimizing your cash flow with NavaShakthi chits.

Create working capital

Choose the right chit fund plan for your hotel or restaurant and create more working capital for your seasoned business.