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Craft a financial strategy with NavaShakti Chits that help your business meet its financial goals and avoid a crisis.


Meet the financial goals of your business without falling into crisis with the help of our financial strategies.

Purchase raw materials

Let raw materials which define the base of your business be of supreme quality by investing in our chit funds scheme.

Working capital

Carry forward your business without any worry about inflowing working capital with NavaShakthi Chits.

Children Education

Gift your children a secure future by starting to invest small amounts in our chit fund and turning it into an asset.

Buy property

Be it for expanding your business or pursuing your personal goal, buy property hassle-free by investing with us.


Establish the legitimacy of your business by avoiding financial crises with our personalized investment plans.

Market dues

Clear your existing market dues and avoid acquiring new ones with our best investment plans and high returns.

Delayed payment

Forget about delayed payments anymore with financial support from NavaShakthi Chits.

Good resource

Serve your clients with products and services made of premium quality resources by letting us plan your finances.


Get high returns even on small investments and grow your business in every possible aspect with NavaShakthi Chits.


Leverage every possible opportunity that comes your way without worrying about the finance with NavaShakthi Chits.


Save a generous amount of money from your monthly income and build a secure channel for future needs via our chit schemes investment.

Expanding business

Branch out your business and capture possible markets to expand your reach and profit with our financial backing.

Generate working capital

Invest in chit schemes that best suit your business requirements to generate higher working capital and inflate your business.

Access to your money anytime

Borrow money according to your needs anytime with minimal paperwork and get rid of your financial strain.