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Get closer to fulfilling your business goals with our carefully crafted financial schemes.

Working capital

Count in a steady flow of working capital whenever you face a crisis in your business with us.

Purchasing raw materials

Purchase raw materials that establish your business quality by investing in our chit schemes.


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Covering loans

Investing in our chit schemes helps you save and create a reserve for repaying your loans.


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Cash flow

Get an inflow of cash with NavaShakthi Chits that saves you from several issues while your financial status goes down.

Payment delay

Stick to your financial commitments even during payment delays by easily borrowing from us.


Stay ahead of your competitors by focusing on growing your business with the right financial strategies.


Grow your business and be at the top of your industry by fulfilling your business goals with NavaShakthi Chits schemes.

Liquidity for Expansion

Do you look forward to expanding your business? With our multiple chit schemes, financial planning services make a smooth path towards it.


Fulfill your business objectives that require long-term savings with our high-interest chit scheme policies.

Creating working capital

Generate working capital through our easy borrowing policies and chit schemes investments that suit your requirements.