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Strategize your finances in a way that aligns with your business goals and helps you expand with NavaShakthi Chits.


Strategize your finances with NavaShakthi Chits and meet the following business goals.

Purchase of products

Without worrying about funds, purchase products that your customers want with the help of NavaShakthi Chits schemes.

Children education

Get quality education for your children and assure a good future by investing in our chit funds scheme and gaining higher returns.

Opening multiple branches

Fulfill your dream of opening multiple branches of your business with our wisely planned financial strategies.


Get ahead of your financial challenges and meet your financial goals using NavaShakthi Chits.


The high-maintenance breed that you thought was impossible to get can now be a part of your pet shop with our financial strategies.

Inventory will be high

Start investing in our chit funds scheme and fill your inventory with quality products that your customers can’t refuse.


Wisely channel your financial resources with us to beat your competitors in the market and level up your business.


No more holding back on your business plans due to financial shortcomings with our wisely curated financial schemes.

Liquidity for Expansion

Planning to open a few more branches across the city? We have the best schemes to help you plan your finances for expanding your business.


Safely invest your hard-earned money with NavaShakthi Chits and don’t let your financial shortcomings hamper your business plan.

Managing Expense

When it gets difficult to keep track of your expenses, we can help you plan and manage it with our financial consultants.