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Purchase products

Do not hesitate to purchase a large number of products beforehand to meet your sales target with NavaShakthi Chits’ financial planning.

Working capital

Get your ideal inflow of working capital to run your business smoothly by investing in our chit schemes.


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Unsold Stock

Maintain your business profits consistently to keep the value of your stocks high with us and never worry about unsold stocks again.

Weekly Payment

Make your weekly payment an easier process by being able to loan money from our chit funds scheme anytime.

Dead Inventory

Don’t let your inventory run dry just because of inadequate funds, invest in chit funds and keep your inventory occupied.


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Channelise your profits to create savings for the future with our high-interest rate chit schemes

Expanding Business

Extend your business to a larger market and maximize profits by generating funds with NavaShakthi Chits.

Generate Working Capital

Generate working capital that supports your active business requirements by investing in a chit scheme that best suits you.

Managing Expense

Be at the top of handling our business expenses by planning and strategizing it with NavaShakthi Chits.