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Plan the best financial solutions for your real estate business’s needs with NavaShakthi Group’s well-designed chit plans.


Set a clear goal in your head for your business and start working on it with proper financial backing from us.

Cash Flow

Have a steady cash flow for better working of your business by investing in our chit plans.

Handle More Projects

Forget all the financial worries that come with new projects. Have faith in our chit plans and take up as many projects as you want.

Working Capital

Always have your hands on the working capital of your business by investing a small amount every month in our chit funds.

Buy House

Found yourself a dream house? We have got you covered with our chit plans made for a special occasion like this one.


Wanted that piece of land for a very long time now? Our chit funds schemes are the way to own it for yourself or your business.


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Cash Flow

Create a steady flow of cash for enhancing your workflow with the help of our chit plans.

Handle More Projects

Stay prepared to handle more projects at a time without having to worry about the financial problems with our chit plans made only for you.

Working Capital

Stay ahead of the competition by having a properly planned out working capital with the help of NavaShakthi Chits.

No consistent income

Invest in our carefully designed chit plans and get returns, so that you don’t have to worry about the consistency of earnings.


Save a portion of your income each month and invest in our chit plans so that you get a higher return.


Find out all the possibilities that will benefit your Real Estate Business with the help of NavaShakthi Chits.

Liquidity for expansion

Start working on the plan you had of expanding your business and let us help you get there with our chit plans.


Try and increase your savings so that it helps you when your real estate business is having off days.

Future borrowing option

Have all the options of borrowing in the future for your business open. It will help you have a strong grip on your business.