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Grow your wholesaler business and expand in potential markets with the rightly designed financial plan made for you.


Meet the following business objectives by investing in our chit schemes.

Working capital

Invest your money in our chit schemes and create a steady flow of working capital for your business.

Purchasing raw materials

Serve your customers with quality products by putting money into purchasing quality raw materials with NavaShakthi Chits.


Capture new markets by expanding the size of your business with the right financial planning.

Cash flow

Purchase our chit schemes and ensure cash flow so you never fall into crisis mid-business.


Curb down your financial challenges with personally designed financial plans by NavaShakthi Chits.

Weekly payment

Giving out weekly payments is made easy with our small term plans with high interest rates.

Cash flow

Make sure a consistent flow of cash is there to back up your business in times of need with NavaShakthi Chits.

Working capital

Forget struggling to bring in supplies during month ends with our financial planning and easy borrowing system.

Market dues

Get rid of market dues and further avoid keeping dues by investing with NavaShakthi Chits.


Fulfill your business targets without breaking a sweat by strategizing your finance from beforehand with us.

Liquidity for Expansion

Want to expand your business to enter a whole new market? We got you covered with our long-term and short-term chit scheme plans.


Plan the future savings that serve you as an asset with our user-friendly chit schemes.

Managing expenses

Keep track of where your money is spent and accordingly manage expenses with our financial planning service.