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High Interest
High Interest on Savings
Welcome To NavaShakthi Chits Pvt. Ltd
NavaShakthi Chits Pvt. Ltd is one of the youngest leading chit fund companies in Karnataka that began its operations in 2006. The company is certified under the Register Act 1956 and Karnataka Chits Funds, Reserve Bank of India. We believe achieving your financial goals should be easy. And that is why we bring you a platform known for its ethical value and timely disbursement of the chits proceeds. A new way to save and borrow funds when you need them the most. We are fully modernized transparent at every stage to support digital transactions, and our well-trained staff is always available if you need any assistance availing our services.
Why choose NavaShakthi
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Customized Service
We understand your needs and design chit schemes accordingly.
Transparent Transactions
We ensure transparency in all our transactions and conduct open auctions in front of subscribers and the public.
Door Step Service
From the process of enrollment to exit, we provide extensive financial guidance and services at your doorstep.
Everybody Has Something Important To Say! NavaShakthi Also.
The chit funds are playing a stellar role in people’s lives even before the invention of the banking system. Chit funds offer investors tax-free dividends and rescue the needy at budget-friendly terms. This unique financial concept provides flexibility to save and borrow money at a discount within the maximum limit in the chit agreement.
Our Smart Approach
Your success partner in every step you grow.
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No matter where you’re in your life, we’re here to help!
How NavaShakthi Chit Funds Work
Consumer Information

Yes, you can withdraw more money than you have saved. But don’t think of it as a loan. When you borrow from the chit group, you take the amount as a loan from your future savings. The interest rates on this amount work out to be much lower than comparable amounts loaned from banks or credit cards.

No. The goals behind investing in Chit Funds and Mutual Funds are different. While Mutual Funds are great at helping you build wealth for your long-term goals, Chit Funds assist you in fulfilling your short-term and mid-term goals.

You are not borrowing from NavaShakthi chit funds. When you join NavaShakthi chit funds, you pay a monthly amount and are entitled to borrow the entire chit value of the group whenever you need it. Think of it as borrowing from your future savings.. The effective ROI (rate of interest) you pay is lower than a personal loan.

Our Mission

We want to provide value added financial solutions to people and organisations, so that they can achieve their financial goals faster.
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Choose Chit Funds To Meet Your Goals

NavaShakthi chit funds are a good savings option for small investors. It brings discipline in investments and is a reliable source of funds in emergencies.


Marriages are an expensive affair, but NavaShakthi chit funds provide liquidity required to fund the wedding of your children at a much lower interest rate.


While child education is of prime importance, the increasing education costs can put an onus on parents. NavaShakthi chit funds can help up meet the education expenses easily.

Business Expansion

NavaShakthi Chit funds are a systematic saving scheme that offers flexibility to borrow much larger sums, especially when you want to expand your business.

Purchase Land

NavaShakthi Chit funds are a good investment that allows easy access to your savings, especially when you want to purchase land or book an apartment.

Travel Abroad

NavaShakthi Chit Funds offer hassle-free, liquid investments in a simple, systematic manner that can assist you for all your finance needs when traveling abroad.


Chit Funds Groups

We offer various schemes depending on your monthly investment potentials to ensure we’ve got you fully covered.

Chit Scheme 1
Chit Value - 1,00,000
Duration in months - 25
Monthly Subscription - 4,000
Chit Scheme 2
Chit Value - 1,50,000
Duration in months - 30
Monthly Subscription - 5,000
Chit Scheme 3
Chit Value - 3,00,000
Duration in months - 30
Monthly Subscription - 10,000